Sam Schnieders
Irina, I love your creative approach - you have a refreshing perspective and I enjoyed looking at your photography. Sam
Peter van Nugteren
Your work shows a great talent. Love your portraits. Always emotion present. Makes one wonder what and why.. Hope to see more. Greetings from Holland, Peter.
Philip Turner
I should have realized this portfolio was created by a woman. The portraits are reflective, pensive and intuitively capture moments men seem to struggle to impose on their subjects rather than just letting the subject be themselves. Maybe I am speaking from my own personal perspective, but I really like this very refreshing look at people, children and portraiture. Hope you will continue to be an unobtrusive part of the image making. On a side note, I think you handle fill-in light (flash or reflector I am not sure?) superbly. Some of the best adaptation of fill lighting I have seen. Bravo.
Фуад Палчаев
Эти шедевры хочется пересматривать и пересматривать открывая для себя каждый раз что то новое. Сюжеты в теплых тонах переполнены эмоциями и сразу становится ясно, автора переполняет любовь: к людям, к природе, к эстетике и гармонии, ведь именно поэтому художник замечает то, что не под силу другим. Прекрасная работа со светотенью, нежные образы в портретах, яркий колорит ... Друзья - перед нами маститый художник в образе хрупкой и очаровательной дамы с великолепным вкусом! Ирина, Ваше творчество притягивает, завораживает, восхищает и тем самым вызывает глубокое уважение к Вашей скромной личности. С благодарностью.

Спасибо, Фуад, за столь лестный отзыв, это конечно приятно, но объективно, - до маститого художника и профессионала мне еще ой как далеко )
С уважением, Пажаева Ирина.

Ted Gerencser
Irina - wow.  
People are going to enjoy your art.  Personally, I admire your work.  I have lived in LA and NY - Irina... you have talent.
All the best to you, Ted.
Scott Kelby
What a wonderful shot !!! Love the lighting and post processing! Really well done! Thanks for sharing! :)

Foto Shaman
Приветствую, хотел бы выразить вам свою благодарность, за то что вы есть, и за то что вы делаете столь поразительные фотоснимки. Я побывал на вашем супер сайте. В котором я залип и просмотрел все снимки под душевную глубокую французскую классику. Очень сильное сочетание, вы все грамотно делаете. Успехов вам и хорошего творческого настроения радуйте нас больше своими работами.
Jim Downs
I like what I see so far. You have a nice mastery of light.
Steve J Murray
Great portfolio! You have a lot of really nice portraits, beautifully done.
Matthew DePascale
Hey Irina, 
I recently saw your work and it goes without saying your photos are impressive. You are clearly a skilled expert, so I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in teaching. 
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Stefanie Waltermann
Hello from Getty Images Curators!
I'm part of the Getty Images team of curators who are on the look out for creative talent. Your work caught my eye, and I wanted to offer you the chance to join our iStock community of artists.
The iStock Creative Team
Glenn Palm
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Glenn Palm
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Gail Harmer
Hi Irina, I visited your Website and was very impressed by all you have accomplished over the years. I even saw that Scott Kelby commented on one of your images. That has to say 'something'. That aside, you have an artistry and creative magic within your images. I will enjoy going through your Portfolio fully over the next while. I am sure I will learn much even by viewing each image. You are an Artist Extraordinaire and worthy of all the Praise you are receiving. I would humbly aspire to be able to produce work that you do. I wish you the very best in each and every endeavour. I do have to day also, I really loved the soundtrack you used for your Website. Would you be so kind as to tell me who the 'Artist/singer' is. His music is so enchanting and romantic, suited your images perfectly!
My humble regards, Gail Harmer
Hi Irina, you have got an incredible portfolio. Your portraits are excellent. I agree with Gail when she says that you are an artist. I visited your website and I think it is really amazing! Congrats! Cheers! MAx
Cherene Kelly
Your portfolio is stunning. I really enjoyed looking through it. Kind regards